Glow in the Dark Paving

Glow Paving

Glow Paving. I was recently sent an email about Bonita Stone so I took a look at their website and I was immediately captivated by their Glowpave pavers.

As you can see from the picture on the left and in more detail below, these pavers glow in the dark like something out of the movie Avatar.

I wanted to know more about Glowpave , so I sent them some questions and company Director Scott Petricevich was kind enough to send back the answers below.

But first, take a look at this image which shows how the look when installed during both the day time and in the evening to get a complete picture of how they look:

Here are the questions I put to Scott along with his answers:

Your Glowpave range of pavers are quite striking, how did your company come up with the idea?

As a company we are always trying to evolve and thought having a pavers that light up at night would be a good safety idea.

How do you achieve the ‘glow in the dark effect’, are you using a phosphor additive or is it achieved in some other way?

We use a luminous stone.

What is the expected life of the glow in the dark effect?

We have been manufacturing the glow stone now for 6 years and all is still good with the glow. The glow lasts approximately 6 hours per night.

It seems to me that they would appeal to homeowners with a particular taste or style, have you noticed any patterns in the types of people who buy them?

We have made sales to all walks of life with the glow stone and they have been well received.

Can you tell me what the most unusual or distinctive application they have been used in?

We only use them in our exposed aggregate pavers and bullnose .

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